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Asparagus Season available only March 2023

Warmly Welcome the Asparagus Season @Brasserie 9
We’re greeting the Asparagus Season with our own range of specials, importing Asparagus from the regions of France with the best growing .
Enjoy White Asparagus “La Delicate” from le Val de Loire and Green Asparagus from the south of France, in these super-tender and delicious combinations😊
Asparagus Special Menu are served only for 3 – 31 March!
✨Velouté White Asparagus “La Delicate”, Smoked Haddock, Blue Mussels 950THB
✨White Asparagus “La Delicate”, Orange Maltaise et Sabayon, Piment d’Espelette 1,250THB
✨Large Green Asparagus from the south of France, Parmesan Cream Espuma, Brown Chicken Jus with Morel Mushrooms 1,400THB
✨White Asparagus Tart with Raclette Cheese, Black Truffle Emulsion 1,100THB
✨Risotto of White & Green Asparagus, Maine Lobster in Champagne Sauce 1,850THB
☎️ For enquires, please dm us or call 02 234 2588
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Oyster & Prosecco

Prosecco and oysters, a match made in heaven

Prosecco is probably the world’s best wine pairing for seafood. When oyster’s briny flavor and texture are paired with bubbly sweet Prosecco, the taste is just like heaven.

Drink what you love, eat what you love at Brasserie 9.

Experience the taste of France in the comfort of your home

Dine in the comfort of your home with scrumptious dishes that stay true to the French roots, handcrafted by our award-winning chef and his highly-experienced culinary team.

Enjoy your early evening time!

The Brass is where stellar cocktails, inventive menu, and great music come together. The vibes are high and the mood is mesmerizing. Time to take it easy. Pop over whenever you feel like it for mouthwatering food paired with our house special cocktails or any drink that you love!